Koning Afval ensures that businesses are well served with regard to their different kinds of waste. 
Excellent service at the best conditions, so that you are doing the right thing environmentally as well as economically.



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Currently we mainly serve small and medium enterprises. Our customer base belong to various industries such as restaurant and hospitality, retail, and distribution.
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Customer Reviews

Geweldig! Alle mogelijkheden worden uitgeplozen om tot de beste optie te komen.
— The Maker Store, Amsterdam
Koning Afval denkt met haar klanten mee. Er worden heldere afspraken gemaakt en de service is goed. We vinden duurzaam ondernemen belangrijk en afvalscheiding speelt hier een belangrijke rol in. Koning Afval is voor ons een goede partner.”
— Mo-Jo, landelijk
Uitstekende dienstverlening. Accuraat en helder in communicatie en kwesties worden gelijk opgepakt. Vertrouwd en plezierig om mee samen te werken.
— Fou Fow Ramen, Amsterdam
Voorheen had ik een eigen contract met een afvalverwerker, maar sinds ik met Koning Afval samenwerk, zijn de onnodige problemen opgelost. Voorheen werd het afval niet op de afgesproken tijden en dagen opgehaald en kreeg ik de accountmanager van het bedrijf niet te pakken. Nu ik het via Koning Afval laat regelen gaat het veel beter. Daarnaast zijn de kosten bij Koning Afval veel lager. Als ondernemer vind ik dit ook erg belangrijk.
— Gracy's, Rotterdam


Why choose Koning Afval?

We feel that especially small and medium enterprises can be serviced better by waste processing companies. With us you get the best service against the best conditions. You will save money. We guard your interests, and function as a single point of contact for all your waste management needs.

On the other hand it is a trend that waste processing companies are cutting their sales departments. We help them as a good partner by being a single point of contact for issues regarding our separate customers, delivering value for every party in the chain.

Is service running during national holidays?

During national holidays service can be limited. Correction can be made by having everything including the extra waste picked up with the first following collection, or an extra collection run can be scheduled. This typically applies for General Waste.

What happens in case of a missed waste collection?

Please notify us when this occurs. We will investigate the cause. The missed collection can be corrected with the first following run including the extra waste, or an additional run be scheduled. You will receive a direct telephone number with which to contact the relevant planner.

Who collects the waste?

A waste processing company. We only work with the best. Our standard partner is Renewi which comprises renowned companies such as Van Gansewinkel.

What happens with the waste?

At present 90% of the waste that is collected through us is recycled or used for energy generation. 65% is being allocated in a circular manner. By separating well, much can be gained from your waste. You have tremendous influence in this process. With our behaviour we can maximise value creation from waste

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Please contact us for detailed information. We are happy to provide you with advice and quotations.

Apart from low prices, we distinguish ourselves by excellent service. We guard the interest of our clients, and are on top of situations when they arise.

You can up- or downgrade your subscription free of charge as to always have the most suitable solution for your needs which can be subject to change, and long term contracts can be avoided.

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